Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sometimes life just sucks!

I work in a women's emergency shelter.
 I have for seven years.
And somedays the reality is that life sucks.
 Bad things happen to people and they never deserve it.
Children are exposed to things they should never be exposed to.
People feel hopeless, helpless and backed into a corner.
 People sometimes think that suicide is an option.
 And it is sad.
 And it is stressful.
And it is heavy.

But I believe there is always hope.
Even when I don't feel like it
 I choose to believe that there is hope and that things can change for the better.
 I choose to believe
 that people are resiliant and capable of incredible strength and integrity in the darkest of situations.
 I choose to believe
in every woman and child that has ever crossed the threshold of our shelter and any other shelter.
 I choose to believe
 that even when it feels hopeless miracles can and will happen.

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