Thursday, 27 October 2011


Too much of this

 Ended in this!

Every now and then something happens in our lives that makes us thankful for the rest of our lives! Pain is very effective this way.  For three weeks now I have been in intense pain from a Sacral Iliac joint injury.  Pain has been my constant companion, reminding me every moment of every day that there is something happening in my body that needs attention.
Pain is far more perseverant than I am.

Pain gives me empathy for others who live with chronic pain.
Pain takes you on a journey.
Now, just to give you a picture, I have included a diagram of the area of my body that is injured.

As you can see, a joint injury here is affected by every movement I make. Any medication I have taken for this pain only takes a bit of the edge off. It doesn't take it away.

This journey of pain started with fear. What on earth was going on with my body?!
Then self pity. Ow, this hurts, feel sorry for me!
 Some anger....I don't have time for pain like this!
Denial,....maybe it's not as bad as I think it is....maybe I am being a baby. Oops, yep it is as bad as I think. OW!
I am not sure that I will make it to acceptance! I hope it's gone before then! 

I realized  I have a choice in how I respond to this situation, just like any other.

I can rest in any one of those stages and ride out this pain storm from there, but I don't find any of those stages to be very enjoyable at all! 
While I have been lying in bed I have been reading a book called "Prisoners of our minds" by Alex Pattakos. One of the core principles he speaks about is 'Exercising your freedom to choose your attitude'. This got me thinking..... what attitude was I choosing? What attitude could I choose? This is definately a book worth reading. See details below.
During this time I have also been seeing a massage therapist. She has been taking a course recently and when I brought up this conversation about choosing our attitudes she told me how the class she is taking is discussing how the attitudes we choose physiologically effect our bodies. So then the question becomes 'how do I want my thoughts to effect my body?' Well, obviously I want my thoughts to have a positive effect on my what thoughts do I choose?

For now this is me!!!
Till next time my friends! Have a happy Halloween!

Details about Prisoners of our thoughts by Alex
Why do some people seem to have an easier time dealing with complex and challenging situations than others?
Why do some people seem more capable of dealing with change than others?
Prisoners of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankl's Principles for Discovering Meaning in Life and Work applies the therapeutic system of world-renown psychiatrist and philosopher, Dr. Viktor E. Frankl, to contemporary life and work situations. Learn how to bring deeper meaning and fulfillment to your everyday life and work, and achieve your highest potential!