Monday, 13 June 2011

Thrift Shopping

Aahhhhh, thrift stores.
 A mecca of treasures just waiting for me to snoop!
I haven't been thrift shopping for a while, and today I had the opportunity to go to one nearby. With all the searching online for things bohemian, I was primed to look for some fun stuff
Take a look at my new treasures!

Especially exciting is this handpainted piece. Not sure of the material, very thin. Gorgeous!!

Cool celtic design cloth hanging decoration

Some glass trinkets for fun!

There you have my finds of the day from the thrift store.
Here are some 'finds' online - pictures I love!

This lovely couch was refurbished by
Jane Hall of Toronto 

Check out her fabulous designs!

And here is some detail I just liked!

On another note, I am following a couple more blogs.
Check them out!

And on yet another note, going back two posts, I am adding #4 to the list of things that helped me in my time of need.
4) Shopping is theraputic! A note of caution, it is wise to know the limit of what you can spend, and don't go beyond it. I love to thrift shop, which enables me to buy more for less! There is a method here! So if you can afford to, enjoy some shopping. Whether it is a new candle, gorgeous earrings, nail polish, a scarf, or bubble bath, it can soothe the soul.

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  1. i love it Daph!!! so glad you are blogging! I will be sure to read and enjoy "being here" with you!!