Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bohemian, Gypsy, Moroccan; I love the look!

But what does home decor have to do with my journey?

Here are some pictures I found online....
that inspire me in my quest to change my decor!

Well, everything! It's about reestablishing myself, remembering who I am and what inspires me, delights me, makes me feel alive. 

I have been deciding how I want to decorate my home, picking colors, textiles, furniture, and doing a lot of dreaming and scheming! 

When I look online the colors that attract me most are the rich jewel tones, dark reds and golds. And design. I love patterns and patchwork.

I want my home to welcome me with open arms when I walk in. My home  is a refuge to me, a place to feel safe and secure. It has been a place of healing and reclaimation.

What does your home mean to you? How do you decorate? What inspires your choices? I would love to hear!!

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